Gina Moorhead

Apparel + Accessories: 
Design + Product Development

Passionate and driven product developer specializing in high end men's and women's, sportswear and leather accessories. Experienced creating a collection from concept through production with attention to detail, fabric and fit. Strives to create products that are creative and conceptual while remaining sophisticated, flattering and commercially attainable.



  • Product organization and process refinement
  • Four year degree in apparel design
  • Mastery in women's wear tailoring
  • Concept, design and branding men’s and women’s RTW line
  • Sketch new styles based on seasonal concept, update core bodies. 
  • Market research to identify new trends, visuals, fabric, techniques.
  • Create and maintain design cards, line sheets, all season style overview boards for all categories.
  • Develop and meet with cut and sew team on speciaty custom pieces.
  • Develop and build shoe, handbag & additional accessory product ideas
  • Sourcing for fabric and trims for shops and shows.
  • Create and oversee execution of samples for SS, FW holiday, capsule collections for globally sourced fabric and prints
  • Vietnam trip for USPTO sample and sale for separates, dresses, swimwear, suiting : in woven's, knits, leather goods, apparel, bags and footwear
  • Vietnam trips for FW18, SS18, FW17, SS17, FW16, SS16, Holiday 15, FW15, Resort 15, Spring 15.
  • Product research and development
  • Draping, drafting, pattern making, sewing, textiles
  • Technical drawings
  • Dedicated and driven
  • Respectful, preserves systems in place
  • Attention to detail
  • Quality Control
  • Contemporary fashion
  • Understands vision, direction, curation

Business Operations + Logistics. Copywriting + Ecommerce

Builds, analyzes and deconstructs strategic growth for small businesses & start up individuals.  Cultivates and fosters relationships with developers and factories for product development. Focus on sustainable, local and online presence. Strives to provide an engaging learning environment with interns and new graduates. International traveler, passport ready, loves connecting and cultivating relationships with people and sharing unique cultural experiences.



  • Intellectual Property USPTO process and completion for class 25 & 42 for incontestable trademark of US-wide brand name Gina Marie.
  • Communicating business vision & strategy, standards and policies, brand transparency, socially responsible and sustainable development goals
  • Structure and systems development
  • Copywriting : polished writing skills, proper headline creation, cognizant of user experience, competent in cross discipline, awareness of market. 
  • Copy, design, upload, merchandising of all products, web pages, editorials, newsletters including “Global Makers” page.
  • Establish, curate, update social media: IG @House_GinaMarie & @Grasmarkmenswear & Facebook @HouseOfGinaMarie
  • Copy for lookbooks, linesheets, videos
  • Internship coordinator and lead. “Vietnam sample making and production” for the U of Minnesota and “Business of Fashion” for Lim College.
  • Wholesale & consignment vendor outreach & follow through. 

Style + Set + Wardrobe

Interested in continuing work on set in the creative production industry.  Looking to combine passions of production management and creativity, with selling product / visual lifestyle contextualization. Passionate about of brand visuals, storytelling, styling set & wardrobe, look book layout and orchestration and editing of videos.   

List of clients and collaborations include, but are not limited to Target, 3M, Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Horseshoe Boutique, Lauren Krysti Photographer, Ruby3 Millinery, Marked Leather, Greenwich Vintage Co. 



  • Product research and development
  • Styling & visual merchandising for catalogue
  • Expert in creating decks, call sheets
  • Set seasonal theme, color, print, layout direction
  • Develop concept boards, cast models, style and select photos for product shots & editorials
  • Catalogue & campaign with separates, dresses, swimwear, suiting : in wovens, knits, leather goods, apparel, bags and footwear for FW18, SS18, FW17, SS17, FW16, SS16, Holiday 15, FW15, Resort 15, Spring 15. 
  • Advanced product release preparation & time management : ensure deadlines are met for seasonal look books & videos for buyers before market and retail release
  • Scout and manage graphic designers, web developers, image retouchers : for logo, color story, event graphic thematics, storytelling thematics, lookbook, lookbook video, linesheet, order sheet, custom form, web page
  • Lead layout and video design and provide retouching requests & comments
  • Analyze customer engagement & campaign performance
  • Prop sourcing
  • Dedicated and driven
  • Respectful, preserves systems in place
  • Attention to detail
  • Understands vision, direction, curation
  • English speaker, willing to learn other languages


New York Fashion Academy 2012

Seattle Pacific University 2007

American Intercontinental - London 2005


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